Where to Buy Dance Stuff


Irish Dance Shoes

Irish Dancers should plan on buying your ghillies and hardshoes in the studio. There are several good brands of Irish Dance shoes, but we recommend (and sell) Rutherford: www.rutherfordshoes.com. This is an Irish brand, of course, so sizes are not the same as American. Shipping from Ireland is also very expensive. For this reason, we carry a "size-run" of both ghillies and hard shoes in the studio so your daughter can be properly sized. In addition, we have an arrangement with a supplier located in the United States where we can get wholesale prices on bulk orders and pass the savings on to our dance families.

If you need to buy either ghillies or hard shoes, simply let your teacher or the person at the desk know. They will have you try on shoes to make sure you are fitted with the correct size.  Generally, we only place orders twice a year so we can get that wholesale price. Feel free to ask your helper when the studio is making the next order.

Irish Dance Skirts / Skorts

We will have a small selection of skorts for sale in the studio. This is just a convenience for our families, and you should not feel obligated to purchase these.

Revolution Ballet Shoes & Tights

  • We have a sizing kit for the uniform ballet shoes as well as a limited inventory for onsite purchasing. If we don't have your size in stock, please go ahead and order directly from Revolution.

  • Tights are stocked in the studio for all sizes -- Revolution brand in PINK, and a limited number of BLACK (for Irish performances). Of course, you may order those online from Revolution, too. 


Leotard Sizing Runs

We have a size-run for the Revolution leotards so you can select the correct size before ordering. A sizing kit for Eurotard will be available soon, too. 

Used Stuff

We have some used items that families have made available for resale or giveaway. These items will be available in the studio during the first week of class. They are marked with the contact information for the person selling so the buyer pays the seller directly (the studio is not involved). In addition, we recently launched a private Facebook group for the purpose of buying and selling shoes and dancewear:  BUY & SELL: Charity Ballet & Rince na Grá Irish Dance.


Revolution Dancewear

Revolution dancewear can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. Our dance school has a Revolution online storefront that is already loaded with the dress codes for each class. Shipping is $5.25 for the first item and 75 cents for each additional item. Please note: Because Revolution is a wholesale supplier, you won't be able to purchase from their site unless you follow these links and enter through our unique storefront.

Eurotard is a lovely and modest brand of leotard available online and was recommended for our studio by Ballet Magnificat, a world-renowned Christian dance studio in Jackson, MS. You may buy Eurotards from several different places online, but Eurotard.com does have our dress code loaded (UPDATE! Some of the Ballet 2 & 3 items are not available on their site right now. DanceSupplies.com does have them in stock at a good price. 

Other Online Dance Suppliers

  • DanceSupplies.com -- Freed ballet socks are available here for a good price. They also have a good selection of ballet skirts.

  • Discount Dance Supply

  • And, of course, Amazon and Walmart (online) carry dancewear.



Empire Dance Shop, 5004 E. Sprague Ave. Suite 103, Spokane Valley, WA 99212

  • Empire Dance Shop in Spokane Valley has a limited inventory of the Eurotard brand in stock.

  • We will also be scheduling a day for Melanie Mick, the owner of  Empire Dance Shop, to come down to Moscow to fit our Pointe dancers in shoes. You are not obligated to buy from them, of course, but we can't stress enough how important it is for young ladies to be fitted in person for pointe shoes (do not buy online). 


In general, Irish dance skirts should have some swing to them (not a straight skirt).

The length should hit three to four inches above the knee. 

Modesty shorts should be worn under skirts unless you choose to wear a "skort." 

Possible options for girls' skirts/skorts:

For older girls and young women, look for skirts or skorts that are 17 or 18" long. Here are some to consider: