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Making Dance Do-able

Tuition & Fees


Class registrations are accepted online via our student management system, Dance Studio Pro. 


There is a one-time fee of $75 for this 6-week session. There are three Twinkle Babies sessions during the school year and families may enroll in all of them, or only one or two. 



A non-refundable one-time registration fee of $15 per student will be collected when you enroll in a class. Every dancer will receive a school t-shirt at the beginning of the school year with your completed registration.

One 60-minute class per week = $585 per year

(nine monthly installments of $65 each)


Families paying for more than one 60-minute class per week will automatically receive the Multi-Hour Discount (see table below). Please be advised that when you enroll in classes on Dance Studio Pro, you will see the

"un-discounted" monthly rate for each class. The family discount, however, will be applied when you register.


Monthly payments will begin September 1, and the last payment will be May 1. Our dance year is 32 weeks.

As in past years, tuition is calculated based upon the total number of weeks dancing, then divided evenly over the number of months spanning that season (nine months).

If you would like to pay your tuition in full for a 3% discount, you may do so by check. Please email for further instructions.


When you create an account in Dance Studio Pro and you plan on paying via credit or debit card, we encourage you to enroll in Auto-Pay. No fees are charged for this service.


Hours/Week     Tuition/Month

        1                        $65

        1.5                     $85

        2                        $105

        2.5                     $115

        3                        $125

        3.5                     $135

        4                        $140

        4.5                     $145

        5                        $150

        5.5                     $155

        6                        $160


Ballet dancers participating in public performances will pay a costume fee which will cover the actual costs of the costume for each dance in which they are performing. The price range for class costumes will be from $30 to $60. Solo costumes for lead dancers will range from $50 to $100.

Beginning in the 2023-24 dance season, Irish Dancers (Beginner level and up) will be responsible for being fitted for and purchasing their own school dance costumes prior to the annual St. Paddy's Show in March. If your dancer is not wearing the school costume, the class may be assigned one of the costumes owned by the studio, in which case there will be a small costume fee (no more than $15) to cover usage costs. Alterations are the responsibility of the dancer and must be done in a temporary manner. 

Admission will be charged for the Christmas show and the St. Paddy's Show to cover venue and production costs.

PREP dancers can expect to be charged a one-time recital fee of no more than $20 per dancer. This will cover any costume costs for the show as well as help to defray the rental of the venue. There is no admission charge for the Prep Recital and no reserved seating. 

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