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Dress Codes


  • Twinkle Babies (3yos) -- Specific dancewear is not required for the T-Babies, though we do ask that you consider the following guidelines:​

    • Dance leotard & skirt (an attached skirt is best, and please avoid tutus)

    • Pink ballet socks, or pink footed tights

    • Pink ballet shoes​ (no drawstrings, please!)

  • Twinkle Toes (4yos) & Twinkle Stars (5yos) -- Must wear a "class uniform" (all of the following items are available for purchase in the studio and online)

    • Revolution  brand skirted Leotard, SOFT LILAC/2091

    • Pink ballet socks, or pink footed tights

    • Pink ballet Shoes (no drawstrings, please!)

  • The class uniform does NOT have to be purchased before class begins. We will have these items available in the studio for purchase. For the first couple of classes, Twinkle dancers may wear comfortable play clothes to class until they have their class uniform.


For Intro Irish through Prizewinner Irish:

TOPS: Rince Na Grá school t-shirt (one will be provided with each registration; just wear a t-shirt to class until your dancer is provided with the school shirt)

BOTTOMS: black shorts, black athletic "skorts",  black "skater" skirts, or black leggings.

SOCKS: white or black socks -- no-show, ankle, crew, or "poodle" (traditional)

SHOES: There are several good brands of Irish Dance shoes. We recommend Rutherford for most dancers. This is an Irish brand, of course, so sizes are not the same as American. Shipping is also very expensive. For this reason, we carry a “size run” of both ghillies and hard shoes in the studio so your daughter can be properly sized. In addition, we have an arrangement with a supplier located in the United States where we can get wholesale prices if the order has at least ten pairs of shoes. 

Soft Reel Pumps (ghillies) - "Rutherford Cavan"

  • Mandatory starting at the Beginner level (not Intro Irish)

  • Intro Irish dancers may wear black ballet shoes or ghillies.

  • Retail price: $70 (plus shipping from Ireland!)...Studio price: $57   

Hard Shoes ("Super Flexi" - black suede sole)

  • Mandatory for Intermediate Irish (and up)

  • Dance sneakers are great for practicing at home, but they should not replace hard shoes. Please note that teachers will sometimes wear these during class because of the many hours they dance.

  • Retail Price: $160 (plus shipping from Ireland)...Studio Price: $125 :-)

Go to this page for purchasing options for Irish Dance shoes.


  • Hair must be pulled securely back for all classes (ponytail, "half-up", or ballet bun)

  • No gum or jewelry (except stud earrings) during class.


  • Twinkle Camps (4 & 5 yos) -- Young dancers are not required to wear a particular class uniform during the summer camps. Campers should wear the following, however:  

    • dance leotard & skirt

    • dance tights or socks

    • ballet shoes​​ (preferred, but not required)

  • Intro Irish Camps (all ages)

    • TOPS: t-shirt 

    • BOTTOMS: shorts, athletic skorts, "skater" skirts (with shorts underneath), or leggings.

    • SOCKS: no-show, ankle, or crew socks

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