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St. Paddy's Show 2022

Info for our Dance Families

March 4 & 5, 2021

Nuart Theater, Moscow

Riverdance on the Palouse! Dance, sing, and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Rince na Grá  Irish Dancers. 



  • Sixty-five Irish Dancers!

  • Dol Baran Irish Band in a couple of numbers. Dol Baran is Katie Bouma’s local group. They were playing for NSA “Windys” and  Christ Church History Conferences long before most of us moved here.  

  • The Logos School Honor Choir will perform Dúlamán, a traditional Irish folk song, and Danny Boy.

  • The audience will join in singing a couple of Irish hymns, including a rousing round of St. Patrick’s Breastplate!


Grade-level Irish dancers will perform (Beginner thru Champs) in both shows.

The shows on Friday and Saturday are exactly the same. All dancers are performing in each show.

Wexford & Killarney's “Intro Irish” classes (for first-year Irish dancers) are NOT in this show but will be in the PREP Show in May.


Here is a list of all the dancers in the show and their class/grade level.


Costume requirements have been posted in Dance Studio Pro. You may also find your individual class info on these documents: 

-- Young Beginners

-- Older Beginners

-- Intermediate 1

-- Intermediate 2

-- Novice

-- Prizewinner

-- Champs



Tickets are for sale on our website and on the Facebook event page

Please direct folks to one of those places.

Again, the shows on Friday and Saturday are exactly the same. All dancers are performing in each show.


No Irish classes on Thursday and Friday, March 3 & 4 

Call Time:

  • 4:30 - Teachers & TA’s Arrive. Set up the NuArt to receive your students; As dancers arrive, you should be in the lobby area so you can point them to their assigned places–or assign someone else to do this.

  • 5:00 - Dancers arrive. Please do not arrive early, as the Christ Church offices are open right up until 5pm. Look for your teacher in the lobby; She will direct you to the place where your class is assigned. 


What to Wear: This is covered in the individual costume info sheet for each class (on the website, HERE)


What to Do:

  • Place your personal belongings in the area assigned to your class.

  • Begin stretching your feet as space allows.

  • Read, write or chat quietly, but stay in your seat.


Beginners Done at 6:30: We will try to have the Beginners out of there by 6:30 PM. We will still be running the show, so come into the NuArt to pick up your dancer. If we’re not quite finished with their part, you’ll be able to watch a bit of the show.


Everyone Else Done at 7:45. And we have to be out of the building at 8 PM. 


Call Time

  • Teachers Arrive: 6 PM 

  • Call Time for all dancers except Beginners: 6:15 PM (ready to go & sitting in your assigned place)

  • Beginners(all) Call Time: 6:30 PM (ready to go & sitting in your assigned place)

Show Time - 7 PM

  • The Show is just a little more than an hour long. Daniel Foucachon is filming the entire show and making it available for free! Feel free to take pictures on stage after the show.

Saturday Tear Down: 

  • All Irish teachers and TA's plan on staying until we are out of the Nuart (our deadline is 9:30pm).

  • Any additional hands would be appreciated (especially “Dance Dads”–we have to pull up the dance floor, pack up the lights, and move the risers and chairs back onto the stage).



Our show program is available online (linked on the website's show page HERE). We will post a QR code at various locations around the NuArt for the audience, but we will not have printed programs at the show.

I will print a souvenir program for each dancer which will be available in the studio after the show.

During the show, the audience will be invited to join in the singing of two Irish hymns, Be Thou My Vision, and St. Patrick's Breastplate. I have linked the sheet music for each of those songs, and HERE is an audio file of the St. Patrick's Breastplate if you don't know it (yes, we will sing ALL the verses).

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