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Reserved Seating & Online Ticket Sales


We're pleased to offer reserved seating for this year's Spring Show and to conveniently sell the tickets onlinSince all seating is reserved, you'll need to purchase a ticket for anyone who will occupy a seat (ie: anyone not sitting on your lap). Our new venue seats over 900, with over 600 seats on the main floor, so feel free to buy as many tickets as you'd like!

Seats for PREP Dancers

Regarding seating for our dancers, all of the Premier dancers will be backstage so they will not need seats in the audience.

The Prep dancers will join their families during the intermission to watch the Premier performance. We do not intend for the Prep dancers to pay for tickets, but you'll need to initially purchase a ticket for them so that they'll have a seat with you.

Just email Sandy for reimbursement and we'll credit the cost of your dancer's ticket to next month's tuition.

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