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Reserved Seating & Online Ticket Sales


We're pleased to offer reserved seating for this year's Spring Show and to conveniently sell the tickets online. Since all seating is reserved, you'll need to purchase a ticket for anyone who will occupy a seat (ie: anyone not sitting on your lap).

$10 for adults

$8 for seniors

$7 for students

$5 for children

"lap children" are FREE





Friday, May 21

Show #1 ... 5:00pm

Show #2 ... 7:15pm

Saturday, May 22

Show #3 ... 1:00pm

Show #4 ... 3:30pm


Seats for PREP Dancers

The families of our youngest dancers have been informed that their little dancers will join their families shortly after their performance to watch the rest of the show. We do not intend for families to pay for these "prep" dancers, but if you want them to have a free seat, you need to use a special code. Please refer to the EMAIL that was sent to you explaining how to get that free ticket for your dancer(s)


Don't Buy Tickets for All Four Shows


For families whose daughters are dancing in multiple shows, please don't think that you have to buy a ticket for every performance. After paying for one show, parents are welcome to hang around to watch the additional shows. Head to the lobby and talk to the Ticket Master just prior to the beginning of the show you want to attend. He will let you know which seats have not been reserved so you can just slide into that open spot.

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