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Western US Regional Online Feis

Feb 22-23, 2021

HERE is the official WUSRC Syllabus


If you would like your daughter to participate, you must register on QuickFeis before your daughter's dance class on the week of February 15th, as Miss Katie will be coming to class to video dances that week. 


Print your dancer's number card and bring it to class next week. This is how the judges will identify each competitor in their videos, so we cannot record their videos without it.

  • Log into your QuickFeis account

  • Find the Western US Regional Online Feis on the homepage

  • Click "Show Details"

  • Select "Print Dancer Card(s)" under Links and Attachments




The studio will provide a black and green, embroidered school jumper.

Your daughter should wear to class:

  • white short sleeve button-up blouse (this is different from upper levels who wear black leotards)

  • modest black shorts (for under the jumper and for the rest of the class)

  • white poodle socks (available for purchase at the studio)

  • hair half-up (curled is optional, but traditional)

  • no makeup permitted under the age of 12


  • Longsleeve, high neckline, black leotard (must be long-sleeve and must cover the collarbones. A mock turtleneck is ideal)

  • Embroidered school skirt. If you don't have one, we'll have some at the studio for you to borrow.

  • White poodle socks (available at the studio; black tights are a Plan B, but the socks will look sharper for the video)

  • Shorts or a skirt to dance in for the rest of class.

  • Ghillies and hard shoes

  • Hair half-up (curled optional, but traditional)

  • Makeup not permitted in Beginner 1 or 2 unless you're older than 12. Makeup not permitted in Novice or Prizewinner unless you're older than 10


Videos will be recorded on February 15th during Beginner and Novice, and on February 17th for Intermediate, Prizewinner, and Champs.

There are three options for videoing your dancer for the online feis.

  1. If the dancer is old enough to have their own phone or to be responsible for yours during class, Mrs. B or Miss Katie will video the dancer using that phone. The parent (or dancer) will upload the resultant videos to Video Feis directly from that phone

  2. You (the parent) may sit in the lobby during your daughter's normal class time until a teacher comes out to either grab your phone and video with it, or gesture you onto the floor to video your daughter yourself -- your choice. You will then upload the videos directly to Video Feis from your device.

  3. If you are not able, or if you do not wish to video the dance(s), no worries! Mrs. B has volunteered to video your dancer on her phone, upload the videos to her Google Drive, then email you the link to the Google Album. You will find your daughter's videos in the album, download them to your own phone or computer, then upload them from there to Video Feis. 

When it is your daughter's turn to be videoed, Miss Katie will poke her head into the lobby to see if you are sitting there waiting to video or to hand over your phone. If you're not there, Mrs. B will take the videos on her phone and send you the Google Drive link.

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