Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy all our dance stuff?

Dancewear and shoes may be purchased in the studio. We offer discounted pricing and you can try before you buy.

What is the dress code for "Twinkle" classes?

Dancewear is not required, though most little girls' favorite thing about dance class is getting to wear pretty dance clothes. All that's required, though, is comfy, athletic clothing--shorts, a t-shirt, and socks (or bare feet). 

Here are our preferences for dancewear, if you go that direction:

  • dance leotard - pink, lavender or black (short sleeves are preferred)

  • dance tights - pink, white or black

  • ballet shoes​​ - pink, white or black

What is the dress code for Irish Dance classes?

TOPS: school t-shirt (preferred), or black dance leotard.

BOTTOMS: black shorts, black athletic skirts, or black dance skirts.

TIGHTS or SOCKS: white or black socks (traditional = poodle sox); OR black tights/leggings or capris


Note: It's really common for the Beginner level to still prefer to wear their "blacks" (the ballet look). But Irish dancing is better suited to athletic-type wear, hence the shorts and t-shirt. Black tights and poodle sox are the norm for performances, but seldom do you see them in the studio--it's just too hot!

FEET: dance shoes appropriate to the level

  • Soft shoes (ghillies) are mandatory starting at the Beginner level

    • Available to try on and order in the studio.

    • Intro dancers (Wexford and Killarney classes) may wear black ballet shoes as an alternative.

  • Hard shoes are mandatory for Intermediate, Novice, and Prizewinner.

    • We will place a school order in Sept. and Jan. (with a 20% school discount!) and we will help you select the proper size (Irish sizing is not the same as American).

    • We recommend Rutherford brand, Ultra-flex:

    • Shoes are available to try on in the studio (and some sizes are in stock).

    • Dance sneakers are great for practicing at home, but they should not replace hard shoes. Please note that teachers will sometimes wear these during class because of the many hours they dance.


What is the dress code for ballet classes?

  • For Pre/Primary Ballet, and Ballet 1:

    • ballet leotard - pink or lavender 

    • ballet tights - pink or white

    • ballet skirt - pink or lavender (optional)

    • ballet shoes​​ - pink or white

  • For Ballet 2 & up:

    • black leotard

    • black wrap skirt (optional)

    • pink ballet tights

    • appropriate ballet shoes

  • Please Note: Teachers do not wear "pinks", but rather dress appropriately for their age, often in "blacks."


How do we wear our hair?

Hair must be pulled securely back for all classes.

  • For Twinkle dancers, Primary, Ballet 1 & 2

    • bun, ponytails or pigtails

  • For Ballet 3 up:

    • ballet bun​

  • Irish

    • ponytail, "half-up", or bun (headband for short hair)


What else do I need to know?

No gum or jewelry (except stud earrings) during class.


What do we do at the beginning of class?

  • Make sure that young dancers use the restroom right before class!

  • Dancers should arrive 5 minutes early, ready to dance (already dressed). Put all belongings in a cubby, then go to the door to the studio and wait for your teacher. Students must be "invited" onto the dance floor.


Is it okay to stay in the studio to watch?

Parents and family members of all our dancers are welcome, but not required, to stay and watch class through the viewing window of the lobby.

What if we have to miss a class?

Please notify your instructor by text or email as early as possible if your student will not be present for their class. Their contact information is available on Dance Studio Pro.


What happens if my teacher has to miss class?

In the event that an instructor is unable to teach a class, a substitute teacher will teach in the instructor's place. If there are no substitute teachers available, class will be canceled and a make-up class will be scheduled.

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