We believe that the heart is more than a muscle. That a person is more than a body.

That relationships are as important as results. 


We believe fitness isn’t just for the’s for the willing.

REFIT Class with Mary Mordhorst

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-9:50am 

Join Mary Mordhorst for her "happy hour" of REFIT® Group Exercise Dance Workouts & Hip Hop Fitness Classes, at the Charity/Rince na Grá dance studio. Mary brings years of teaching experience and a ton of enthusiasm, but she recently jumped into the REFIT Revolution. REFIT is a "movement+music" experience that adds resistance-training elements to give you a total-body workout. Approximately 600-800 calories are burned within a 1-hour class. REFIT was started by some Christian gals in Texas--jammin' Christian music and fun pop songs providing the backbeat for a great workout!


No ongoing commitment to the class is required but we think you’ll be hooked once you come to a couple of classes. Mary is passionate about helping women make connections with each other as they pursue a common goal of being healthier and happier.


  • Only $5 per session (drop-in/cash or CashApp).

  • OR… $36 for an 8-class punch card! (purchase on our website)

  • You can come to BOTH classes each week, or just one--whatever fits your schedule. | 208.596.3461

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