Spring Show 2019

Info for our Dance Families

April 13, 2019

Gladish Community Center, Pullman WA


The theme this year is Once Upon a Time: Storybook Dances. Each class will perform themes from a favorite book. The dancers are excited about the "story" they get to tell (be sure and ask them about it). 

We are also happy to announce that the PREP show and the PREMIER show will actually be ONE BIG SHOW, separated only by an intermission. This will allow our dance families to enjoy the entire show! It also means that there will be one admission fee (as opposed to a separate ticket for each show).

Please note that the only full rehearsal for our PREP dancers will be the afternoon of the show. All other PREP reheasals will take place during regularly scheduled classes.  


You may be wondering which classes are considered PREP and which are PREMIER. Here's a handy-dandy guide: 


PREP Show:               

   Ballet A (Wed)

   Ballet A (Thur)

   Ballet B

   Ballet 1A

   Ballet 1B

   Irish: Wicklow

   Irish: Antrim

   Irish: Dublin

   Irish: Galway


   Ballet: Ballet 2

   Ballet 3

   Intm. Ballet

   Irish: Kerry 

   Irish: Novice

   Irish: Prizewinner

   Irish: Champs

Key Dates

Mar 25-29, M-F (during all classes) at the Studio -- Final Costume Check 

(dancers bring the costume items that are their responsibility to class this week)


Mar 30, Sat, 9am to1pm at the Studio -- PREMIER (only) full cast rehearsal (no costumes)


April 9, Tues, 5pm to 9pm at Gladish CC-- PREMIER (only) dress rehearsal (costumes and tech)


April 13, Saturday at Gladish CC -- Show Day! (see schedule below)

Class Costume Information

This google.doc explains the costume requirements for each class. Make-up information is also included there.


Show Day Schedule, April 13

What dancers should do BEFORE they arrive:

  • Hair:  arrive with hair styled as required for your dance.

  • Makeup: arrive with stage makeup done

  • Costume: arrive wearing base costume for your dance

  • Bring: water bottle (required) & non-messy snacks (optional)



2:15 pm - PREP dancers arrive at the Gladish Community Center in Pullman, WA

               (Exception: Little Lady Ballet A & B and Wicklow arrive later)

  • Park in the west parking lot; Parents escort your daughter to her backstage dressing room (follow the signs). Miss Keidi will be waiting for you backstage and will show you where to go.

  • Dancers put their personal items, etc. into the basket provided in each classes’ designated area, then go up to the auditorium, following the signs.

    • Parents may need to help them find their way, but then you may leave.  

    • Their TA will be waiting for them in the auditorium (their row will be labeled)

    • Note: Parents do NOT have to stay with their child during rehearsal. We'll take good care of them.

  • Dancers sit quietly and wait for their rehearsal to begin.

  • As each class finishes their routine, the TA will take them backstage (down the metal stairs, this time)

  • The dancers get into costume with the help of the TA.

  • We will have Busy Boxes for each class backstage.

3:30pm - "Little Lady Ballet B" Arrives

3:45pm - “Little Lady Ballet A (sections 1 & 2)” &  “Wicklow” Arrive

  • Parents escort your daughter into the auditorium (follow the signs). Your class TA will be waiting for them and will show you where to sit for the last part of the rehearsal (it will be labeled, too). She will also have a basket where the dancers can put their personal items.

  • As each class finishes their routine, the TA will take them backstage, down to their “dressing room.”

  • The dancers get into costume with the help of the TA.

  • We will have Busy Boxes for each class backstage

4pm - PREMIER dancers arrive

  • What dancers should do BEFORE they arrive:

    • Hair:  arrive with hair styled as required in your first dance, if you need to change hairstyles, bring all the tools you will need.

    • Makeup: arrive with stage makeup done

    • Costume: arrive wearing base costume for your first dance

    • Bring: water bottle (required) & non-messy snacks (optional)

  • You may come early to watch the PREP rehearsal (no noise please), since you will be backstage during the show.

  • Head backstage and find the designated place for your class. Place your things in that area.

  • Begin warming up quietly.


4:30pm - Snack Time

Prep dancers will be fed a snack consisting of grapes, cheese sticks and granola bars. Premier dancers should arrive having already eaten (you know I'll let you have some snacks, too, though).



  • All dancers backstage for the first half of the show.

  • At intermission, the PREP dancers will join their parents inthe audience.

    • ​​The dancers will wait on stage and parents will come down to the front to collect their child. The teacher/TA will stay with the dancers until a parent arrives.
    • The TA will have the bin for their class with all the dancers' personal items so the dancer (or parent) will not have to go backstage.
    • If your costume list indicates that the studio is keeping part of the costume, the dancer will leave that in the bin with the TA. Otherwise, the dancer will simply keep their costume on while they are in the audience watching the second half of the show (taking off the “uncomfortable items” is fine, of course).


  • Spend some time mingling, taking pictures, etc. Enjoy!

  • Premier dancers change out of their costumes backstage.

  • Teachers and TAs will clean up and load out, leaving the venue "better then we found it."


Ticket Sales


Reserved seating means you won't have to save seats this year! 


Tickets went on sale for our families on March 14. General ticket sales opened up on March 26. They may also be purchased at the door.

Flowers for Your Dancer


In the past, we were blessed to have a dance mom, Kathryn Church, provide beautiful bouquets for you to give your daughters after the show. But this year she has been focusing on helping launch her husband's new business, Kestral Realty. Happily, another talented women (and big sister to one of our dancers) has offered to continue this blessing for our families.

Megan Story, of Fabula Flowers, is taking orders for recital flowers. Simply go to the Fabula Flowers website where you will find a variety of options and easy ordering. Megan Story will be in the theater lobby where you can pick up your flowers!

Orders close at noon on Wednesday!


Video of the Show


A video of the show will be professionally produced and made available to you at no cost. Thank Daniel Foucachon of Roman Roads Media when you see him!


Photographs of the Show


Mark Lamoreaux will photograph the entire event! He will be on site both Tuesday and Saturday snapping as many pictures as possible. He will choose a bunch of the best shots and make those available to you to purchase from him directly on his website. We will provide those details after the show.

sandy@rincenagra.com | 208.596.3461

Village Mall - Suite #121, 866 Troy Rd., Moscow, ID 83843