Spring Show 2021

Info for our Dance Families

May 21 & 22, 2021

Nuart Theater, Moscow


The theme this year is The Wizard of Oz! 

If you don't know the name of the class your dancer is in, you can check a couple of different ways: 

  1. Login to Dance Studio Pro to see your dancer's enrollment.

  2. Look at the Google Calendar on the website and find the day/time your dancer takes classes. The class name will be listed there.

Class Costume Information

This google.doc explains the costume requirements for each class. Make-up information is also included there.



Dress Rehearsal -- May 17 (Monday)

(located at the Nuart Theater, downtown Moscow)


The "PREP Dress Rehearsal" 

Dancers in these classes arrive IN COSTUME (including hair and make-up) -- 5 minutes before their start time.


4:00-4:20 pm

  • ​Wexford (Intro Irish) - Munchkins: Lollipop Guild 

  • Pre-Primary Ballet- Munchkin: Ballet Dancers


4:20-4:40 pm​​

  • Twinkle Toes (4yos) Wednesday class - Munchkins: yellow dress

  • Twinkle Stars (5yos) Monday class - Munchkins: purple dress

  • Primary Ballet- Glinda's fairies


4:40-5:00 pm

  • Twinkle Toes (4yos) Tuesday class - Munchkins: pink & blue dress

  • Twinkle Stars (5yos) Tuesday class - Munchkins: green & grey​ dress

  1. Parents escort your daughter into the Nuart and hand her off to the teacher or TA who will be waiting for her (look for a sign with the name of your class). 

  2. Please do not allow your daughter to bring any personal items (they won't need a water bottle). 

  3. Parents are welcome (but not required) to have a seat and wait for their dancer.

    All young dancers may go home after their rehearsal is over.

The PREMIER Dress Rehearsal


4:45 pm - All other dancers arrive IN COSTUME (including hair and make-up). Go upstairs and find your designated area.

5:00 - 8:00 pm - Run the show (twice) with costumes, sets, props, lights, and sound

Show Schedules, May 21 & 22 


4:15  Call Time (& house opens)

Performing ONLY in the 1st Show on Friday (and not on Saturday): 

  • Intro Irish "Wexford" (both sections)

  • Pre-Primary Ballet

Performing in both Friday Shows (but not on Saturday):

  • Beginner Irish 

  • Intermediate Irish, 2pm class

  • Ballet Grade 1

5:00  Show # 1 Begins

This show is approx. 1 hr, 10 min.

6:30  House Opens for Show #2

7:15  Show # 2 Begins


12:15  Call Time (& house opens)

Performing ONLY in Show #3 (the first show on Saturday): 

  • Twinkle Toes (4yos), Wednesday class

  • Twinkle Stars (5yos), Monday class

  • Intro Irish, "Killarney"

  • Primary Ballet

Performing in both Saturday Shows (but not on Friday):

  • Intermediate Irish, 4pm class

1:00  Show # 3 Begins

This show is approx. 1 hr, 10 min.

2:45  Call Time (& House Opens for Show #4)

Performing ONLY in Show #4 (which is the second show on Saturday): 

  • Twinkle Toes (4yos), Tuesday class

  • Twinkle Stars (5yos) Tuesday class

3:30  Show # 4 Begins

This show is approx. 1 hr, 10 min.

5:00  Teachers & TA's stay to strike the set and clear the theater.

Ticket Sales

Tickets will go on sale for our families April 27th. We'll email and text everyone when the tickets are available, beginning with families whose dancers perform in one show, then two, etc. General ticket sales will open in early May.


Photographs of the Show

Mark Lamoreaux will take photographs at the dress rehearsal! He will choose a bunch of the best shots and make those available to you to purchase from him directly on his website. We will provide those details after the show.

Video of the Show

A video of the show will be professionally produced and made available to you at no cost. Thank Daniel Foucachon of Roman Roads Media when you see him!

Flowers for the Show

As a convenience to our families, Megan Story, of Fabula Flowers, is taking orders for recital flowers. If this is something you would like to do to make recital day easier (and lovelier), simply go to the Fabula Flowers website where you will find a variety of options and easy ordering. Megan will be in the theater lobby where you can pick up your flowers!

Flower orders close Tuesday, May 18!