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PREP Show 2023

Info for our Dance Families

May 13, 2023

NuArt Theater, Moscow

This dance season we have enjoyed seeing the fruit of our older dancers' hard work with two great shows:

The Swan Lake in December, and the St. Paddy's Show in March. Now it's time for us to turn the spotlight on our "Prep Dancers." These young ladies have worked hard and they're ready to share what they've learned in

a year-end recital just for them!

Date & Schedule -- The recital will take place at the NuArt Theater on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

In order to accommodate all our dance families, we have divided the classes into TWO shows: 

   Show #1, 2:00 PM (dancers arrive at 1:30, ready to dance!)

  • 4 yos: Twinkle Toes (Wednesday 8:30am class)

  • 5 yos: Twinkle Stars (Thursday 1pm class)

  • IRISH: Intro (8 & 9yos) -- Homeschool

  • IRISH: Intro (6 & 7yos) -- After school

  • IRISH: Intro (10+yos) -- Homeschool

   Show #2, 4:00 PM (dancers arrive at 3:30, ready to dance)

  • 4 yos: Twinkle Toes (Thursday 12pm class)

  • 5 yos: Twinkle Stars (Wednesday 9:30am class)

  • IRISH: Intro(8+ yos) -- After school

  • IRISH: Intro (6 & 7yos) -- Homeschool

  • IRISH: Intro (10+yos) -- Homeschool

Recital vs. Show -- The goal of this recital is to give these dancers an opportunity to be on stage, performing the skills learned throughout the year. We want them to be as comfortable as possible and have fun! This recital will be much more casual than our "shows" – for instance, some of the teachers might say a few explanatory words before their class performs. We'll also take a quick class picture after each performance. If we do this right, the dancers will come away from the recital happy with their performance!

No Tickets Needed -- This is a FREE event. Tickets are NOT needed to attend, but that also means there will be no reserved seating. Doors will open 30 minutes before showtime. Dancers will sit with their class and teacher(s).

Recital Fee -- PREP dancers can expect to be charged a one-time recital fee of no more than $10 per dancer. This will cover any adornments made to the school uniform for the show as well as help to defray the rental of the venue. 

Thanks for your commitment to dance this year. It's been a joy and a privilege to share this time with you.

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